A business marketing course for coaches + consultants looking to turn their followers into high-paying clients. Learn from a sales + marketing expert to help you hit consistent $5k+ months.

Stop chasing leads. Let clients come to you instead.

This course will teach you how to get a “HELL YES!” on those sales calls instead of hearing “I'll think about it and get back to you.”

I know you're tired of:

Feeling like you have to discount your services to get the sale. Looking at an empty appointment calendar (and corresponding low bank balance💰). Justifying your pricing and constantly having to prove your worth.

Stop settling for a handful of inconsistent clients and a few hundred dollars each month.

Let’s add a zero to that, hunny!

You’re not just another stranger on the internet trying to sell something. You’ve got me in your corner now. I’ll help you turn your followers intro high-paying clients (That’s what I like to call becoming a client magnet).

I’m not just a cheerleader. I’m here for the results like…

  • The time I sent an email and made $800 in just 72 hours.

  • The time I made $1800 in one week from one YouTube video.

  • The time I make $2000 via Instagram DM.

  • The time I booked a $3000 speaking engagement without a media kit or speaking experience.

Note: Results aren’t guaranteed, but some magic will happen when you and I work together girl!

Side effects may include:

  • Increased confidence knowing for a fact you are THAT BITCH.

  • Decreased time wasted wondering if you’re making a difference. You’ll know you are because people will be cheering for you like you’re FREAKING OPRAH.

  • Becoming a CONTENT QUEEN who nails your brand messaging every time — only attracting dream clients instead of spam bots, tire-kickers, and pick-my-brainers.

Molly made $5k+ in the first month of Posting for Profit

“In my first month in Posting For Profit I launched a mastermind and sold four seats in the mastermind, which was my goal, and I launched and sold an Instagram Stories Masterclass. All that together, I made more than $5K within my first month working with Jamar ”

Posting for Profit Course

Investment: $997 or 4 interest-free installments of $249.25 with Shop Pay

Please note: Posting for Profit was a live group coaching program priced at $3,000. You are purchasing the course component of the program, but will also receive the bonuses, AND previous cohort coaching session recordings.

Sarah made her investment back and more in just 4 weeks!

“A week before the program started I lost my 9-5....a month into the program I was already making more in my business than I was at my 9-5 job where I made about $90K per year.”

Stop spreading yourself so thin. It’s time to do the right things in the right order.

  1. 1
    • Getting Clear On Your Target Audience

    • Aug 2020 Cohort Coaching Session

    • Feb 2021 Cohort Coaching Session

    • June 2021 Cohort Coaching Session

  2. 2
    • Building Your Service Stack

    • Aug 2020 Cohort Coaching Session

    • Feb 2021 Cohort Coaching Session

    • June 2021 Cohort Coaching Session

  3. 3
    • Simplify Your Sales Process

    • Putting Your Process In Dubsado

    • Setting Up Your Dubsado Workflow

    • Feb 2021 Cohort Coaching Session

    • June 2021 Cohort Coaching Session

  4. 4
    • Sales Call Framework

  5. 5
    • Creating Authority Building Content

    • Planning Your Content With Trello

    • Creating Captions That Convert

    • Launch Calendar Template

    • Aug 2020 Cohort Coaching Session

    • June 2021 Cohort Coaching Session

  6. 6
    • The Profit Bio Blueprint

    • Selling In the DMs

    • Using Quotables and User Generated Content

    • Aug 2020 Cohort Coaching Session

  7. 7
    • June 2021 Cohort Coaching Session

  8. 8
    • Bonus: Legally Level Up Your Online Coaching Business With Yasmine Salem Hamdan

    • BONUS: How to Hashtag Like a Pro With Kristina Knapp

    • BONUS: Simplify Your Systems With Samantha Phillips

    • BONUS: Write A Money Making Sales Page With Megan Hogan

    • BONUS: Rank on the First Page of Google With Sarah Moon

    • Bonus: How to Confidently Charge What You're Worth With Topise VandenBosch

Get 6 bonuses when you join!

6 💣 ass bonus trainings! ($2,300+ VALUE)

  • How to Confidently Charge What You're Worth with Topsie Vanderbosch

    $400 value

  • Write A Money-Making Sales Page with Megan Hogan

    $400 value

  • Rank On Page 1 Of Google with Sarah Moon

    $400 value

  • Simplify Your Systems with Samantha Phillips

    $400 value

  • How To Hashtag Like A Pro with Kristina Knapp

    $400 value

  • Legally Level Up Your Online Business with Yasmine Salem Hamden

    $400 value